Bible in 90 Days Reading Plan Comparison

While I’ve been reading the Bible in 90 Days, I noticed several disadvantages of their reading plan:

  1. The daily passages are not delimited on chapter boundaries. For example, Day 2’s passage ends in the middle of Genesis 28 instead of at the end of the chapter. This makes it difficult to remember where the passage ends and it interrupts the flow of the scripture.
  2. The daily passages are very unevenly distributed. For example, using word counts from the NETBible, Day 8 (Lev 1:1 – Lev 14:32) is 11,604 words, whereas Day 68 (Zec 11:1 – Matt 4:25) is 5,767 words. The standard deviation for the word count over all the passages is 1,438.

I wanted to fix both of these issues by creating a new reading plan [docx] for the Bible in 90 Days program. To do so, I wrote a Java package to model the Bible, then wrote an algorithm that minimizes the standard deviation for the word count over 90 days by adjusting each day’s passage.

Here’s a word count comparison between my reading plan and the original reading plan:

As you can see, my new Bible reading plan is much more consistent in passage size while respecting chapter boundaries:

  • The original standard deviation of word count was 1,438 while mine is 328
  • The original maximum was 11,604 while mine is 8,420
  • The original minimum was 3,190 (the last day, day 88) while mine is 6,707

[Download my Bible in 90 Days reading plan in PDF] [Download my Bible in 90 Days reading plan in DOCX]

4 thoughts on “Bible in 90 Days Reading Plan Comparison

  1. null

    haha nice. i’m guessing you are still partitioning by chapter and not by verse since 8420-6707 =1713 word differential seems too large for a single verse. or are you doing it by passages (larger than verses but smaller than chapters)?

  2. Leah

    This is perfect!

    I’m a rookie developer writing a bible reading plan checklist app for webOS (Palm Pre smartphone’s operating system). I was looking for a good “entire bible in 90 days” plan and came across yours. I love how you delineated by chapter and made the word counts more even. May I have permission to use your reading plan in my app? I will credit you. The app will display the day number, scripture with checkbox, and have the option to tap on the passage to open it up in mobile biblegateway displaying the user’s preferred translation/version.

    Let me know. You can email me if you want.


  3. Jason

    Excellent reading plan!!
    Thanks for making it very logical. I don’t know if everyone understands how much easier and consistent you have made the 90 day challenge. Basing it on word count and ending with the chapters is perfect! Good work!

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