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Two weeks ago, I got a free copy of Adobe Flex 3 since Jo is a teacher! So I’ve been learning Flash and it’s been a lot of fun.

I started by porting my old Texas Hold’em Odds calculators from Java to Flash (since no one has Java =p). I still wanted to use Java for the back end calculations, so I also had to learn how to write Java Servlets. It’s been a lot of fun. Mostly because I’m a big fat nerd.

After getting a little Flash experience I created a new KenKen application. Check it out and let me know what you think:

Jo can beat a 4×4 in 30s. She’s also beat a 9×9 in 21 minutes.

6 thoughts on “KenKen Flash Game

  1. Jon

    Cheater, getting an educational license! I have one too. I noticed that as3 flash is sorta slow actually compared to java script and of course java. Actually you don’t NEED to use a servelet. It’s possible to call java functions directly from javascript and it’s also possible for as3 and js to interact. In fact, there might be a way to go straight from as3 to java.

    Of course you could always compile your java to js using gwt. Don’t know how to test the performance though. Then it would be all client-side.

    If you have anything computationally heavy, I’d be interested in trying to develop some distributed flex cluster. I have some matrix solver classes already written in preparation for a finite element flex cluster.

  2. Brian Foley


    What a cool Idea! Are you going to put one up for readers to try?
    Jo sounds like she’s a lot quicker than I am with her KenKen. I’ve got a blog about strategy at, would she mind checking it out and adding some of her strategies in the comments?

    All the best to you with your KenKen!

    Brian (a.k.a. Professor Homunculus at )

  3. Tomas

    How about publishing this as a program that can be played without internet acess? Seems like something easy to be done (even if you just want to make a version of the swf file available, where it doesn’t pull any data from the internet, then we can just play it in a web browser). I tried just extracting the swf file from the game page, but when I tried to run it alone I always got this message: “Our puzzle creator is down for maintenance. Please try again in 10 minutes.”
    If possible, please anwer to my email.

  4. Alice

    Nice looking, but the first 4×4 I tried had multiple solutions. If a puzzle has more than a solution, there’s no way to proceed logically.

  5. Deeksha

    Hello there
    Hope you are doing well . I am a student at an university . I have an assignment , that is to design a 4*4 Ken Ken game . I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how I could go about doing it using servlets .I would really appreciate it .

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