Imperial Star Destroyer Completed

9/15 1:05am-1:40am Began the bridge’s base before sleep

9/15 6pm Continued the bridge’s base

The completed base sitting on top of the top wings:

630pm Dinner

1100pm Started again

The bridge’s frame:

The walls of the bridge (front and back, where the back folds behind):

The walls added to the frame without folding the back:

One of the back walls folded in:

The completed bridge:

The bridge with roofing below

1120 Stopped to provide computer support for a friend =p

1145-9/16 130am Finish up

9/16 130am Finished!

That bag is holding all the extra parts. The black thing is a plaque to put the sticker on:

Bridge support detail:

Side-mount cannon:

Side detail:

Extra ship thinger:

Docking bay in the belly of the destroyer:

Rear/engine detail:

Bridge rear detail:

Bridge front detail:

Bridge top detail:

Inset focus shot:

Bridge focus shot:

Extra Pieces: 19

Missing Pieces: 0

Total Time Spent: 651 minutes ~= 11 hours over 2 days

10 thoughts on “Imperial Star Destroyer Completed

  1. Aaron

    You know, now you can set up a dark room and a webcam… and re-create the opening shot of Episode 4 in your own home…

    I totally would, too.

  2. Conrad

    please, you know its not a “extra ship thinger”! it’s a rebel blockade runner!!

    pictures are awesome man, now hang it from your ceiling

  3. mike chen

    YOU FINISHED IN TWO DAYS?!?! You should take it apart now and rebuild it so that you can re-live the experience.

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