Imperial Star Destroyer

Sunday 9/14 4:10pm – Opening

3104 pieces

Split into 4 boxes:


Finished sorting from smallest (left) to largest (right) with sub-sort according to whether the pieces are “normal-shaped” or not.

4:29pm Found the 3 pieces required to complete step 1

5:16pm Took a break

5:24pm Started working again

6:30pm Realized the big “2x” after step 20 meant to repeat steps 1 through 20, which took about 2 hours the first time

9:34pm Wifey makes me eat dinner

9:55pm Started working again

11:10pm Finished bottom wings

Attaching the bottom “wings” to the frame

It uses a combination of magnets and normal Lego connections

Both bottom wings on:

9/15 12:20am Finished top wings; entire bottom portion done

Total minutes so far: 461

More to come! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this awesome gift =]

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