1999 Honda Civic MPG

Over the past 8 years, I’ve kept a book of every gas fill-up I’ve ever done for my 1999 Honda Civic. It catalogs the date, odometer reading, number of gallons in that fill-up, and total cost of the fill-up. For the first time, I took that book out of my car to input the data into an Excel sheet. After 30 minutes of furious 9-keying, I had all 329 visits entered. After another 15 minutes of playing with Excel 2007’s graphing, I had this:

Yearly Average MPG


  • My overall average MPG for the time period is 29.77
  • 1999 (30.16 average MPG)
    • I was breaking the car in, which probably accounts for the above-average MPG
  • 2000-2003 (27.86 average MPG)
    • I lived in Berkeley, which meant almost entirely city driving
  • 2000-2005 (28.78 average MPG)
    • I had 17″ rims on my car instead of the stock steelies and wheel caps
    • I’m too lazy to weigh the 17s + low profile tires and compare them to the 14″ steelies and normal tires I have on now, but I imagine having the 17s accounted for a lot more weight, which means lower MPG
    • This, in combination with city-only driving, probably accounts for the below-average MPG from 2000-2005
  • 2005-2006 (30.82 average MPG)
    • I lived in Los Angeles, where I drove extremely little
    • The only time I drove was to come back home to the Bay Area, which increased my gas mileage
  • 2007+ (32.83 average MPG)
    • I’ve been driving with a gas-efficient mindset, which probably accounts for the 3 MPG gain
    • The MPG gain may be even higher because as cars age, they typically get lower MPG

If you’re wondering, my driving habits are:

  • Accelerate only to 2,500 RPM before shifting into a higher gear (manual transmission)
  • Cruise at 1,500 RPM (which means I’m typically in 4th gear for 30MPH and 5th gear for anything higher)
  • Pay attention to upcoming red lights to cruise for as long as possible
  • Stick to 65 MPH on the highway

Here are some other graphs that I generated:

Yearly Average Cost/Gallon

MPG Between Fill-Ups (w/ 20-Period Moving Average)

Cost/Gal Per Fill-Up

4 thoughts on “1999 Honda Civic MPG

  1. Daniel C

    Man, I have all this data in my notebook too — I need to enter it all into excel someday…
    There’s this website that helps you do it fuelfrog.com that I read about recently — but I guess if you go through the trouble of typing past data up — might as well use excel for more options.

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