Why I Eat My Fries First

Whenever I eat at In-N-Out with someone new, they comment on how it’s interesting that I eat my fries first. I do it because I happen to think that fries and burgers are about the same “goodness” when first cooked. However, the goodness of fries decreases exponentially over time (to a point) whereas a burger’s goodness decreases more linearly. This means that I can maximize intake of goodness by eating my fries first.

If you like fries more than the burger, the case is even clearer:

But how about those who like the burger much more than fries? I think such people will still maximize their intake of goodness by eating fries first:

Note that if you can finish your burgers and fries within 5 minutes of them being cooked, it shouldn’t matter as much which you eat first.

Maybe later on, I’ll think about doing an analysis that takes into account the decreasing goodness of food over the course of a meal (that is, a food item eaten when one is hungry always has a higher goodness value than the same food item eaten when one is not as hungry). I think the conclusion will be the same, though.

Eat your fries first.

6 thoughts on “Why I Eat My Fries First

  1. Anonymous

    My findings say none of the choices are optimal. The best choices involve buying fries and burger one at a TIME. That is the best way to maximize goodnesses, at least according to this metric.

    If you like fries, you buy the fries first and eat it. Then get the burger. This way you get optimal goodness. If you like it the other way, then switch.

    These plots only really refer to a person who likes to eat both fries and burger at the same TIME!

  2. Tina

    Hmmm. That blue graph doesn’t look like an exponential graph. Exponential decrease has a larger slope at the beginning and then plateaus off as time approaches infinity. It does, however, look like an upside-down version of an exponential *growth* graph. So maybe you could graph the exponential increase of Un-goodness vs. Time?

  3. Daniel

    Haha, you actually posted this, graphs and all. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Warren, eating them at the same time makes them both much better. Of course, this would be bad for you since we always inevitably eat the burger faster than the fries, and then there are leftovers..

  4. the other Warren

    i couldnt agree with your graphs more. i do almost the same thing.

    your graph would be very useful with eating eggs in a large breakfast meal. i absolutely love eggs but i am forced to eat the first because eggs always get cold significantly faster than the sausages or hash browns (whats that called the heat conductivity or something?) and cold eggs are gross. the goodness drops much faster than fries. like within 2-3 minutes eggs have dropped almost to the bottom.

    love your graphs

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