Kashmiri vs. The Regents of UC

12/16/2008 Update: I got my settlement check for $200!


Did anyone else receive the below email? I did some digging and everything checks out. I had heard about the class action lawsuit before, and Rust Consulting truly is the administrator for this particular one. But I’m paranoid. Should I reply?


You have been identified by the University of California as a member of the plaintiff class in the class action lawsuit known as Kashmiri v. The Regents of the University of California, which challenged certain fee increases at the University. The $33.8 million judgment in favor of the plaintiffs has been affirmed on appeal and is now final.

You will receive additional information about the distribution of the funds recovered from the University. As we begin this process, we need current e-mail and postal addresses for all class members so that we can send you additional notices and, eventually, a check if you are entitled to one. If you have changed your name, please provide both names. Please provide any updated contact information as soon as you can and if possible by April 21, 2008, by (1) replying to this e-mail (if you are the addressee), (2) sending an e-mail to ucfees@rustconsulting.com, or (3) mailing the information to Kashmiri v. Regents Class Action, P.O. Box 1931, Faribault MN 55021-7186. The information you provide will not be used for any other purpose.

Also, please forward this email to any of your classmates who may be members of the plaintiff class and encourage them to update their contact information. The plaintiffs consist of three subclasses:

1. Current and former University of California (“UC”) students who enrolled in a UC professional degree program prior to December 16, 2002, and whose professional degree fees were raised after that date.

2. Students who attended any UC school on a semester system during the Spring 2003 semester, whose fees for that semester increased after they had already enrolled in classes and received bills for the semester.

3. Students who attended the Summer 2003 session at UC Berkeley or UCLA, whose fees for that summer session increased after they had already enrolled and received bills for the session.

Thank you.

Rust Consulting
Class Action Administrator

13 thoughts on “Kashmiri vs. The Regents of UC

  1. Anonymous

    I got the same email yesterday. What should we do? I remember that lawsuit while at Anderson.

  2. Anonymous

    i replied as well. the reason they tell you to forward to classmates is because some people have not maintained their school addresses and so theyve gotten cancelled; i get my berkeley mail forwarded to gmail.

  3. Anonymous

    What I did was, I googled Rust Company indepedently and emailed them asking about it. Here is there answer: “Our records indicate that you are included in the Kashmiri v. The Regents of the University of California class. This notification was emailed to all class members to update them on the status of the settlement and to request that contact information be provided to update our records for future mailings”

    I therefore assume it’s legit.

  4. annonymous

    Just received a settlement check drawn on citizens bank for amont under $1000. Not sure about how it was calculated or when it will clear, as it was difficult to get info on the actual citizens bank. None in CA.

  5. Anonymous

    Does everything look okay with your bank accounts after depositing the settlement check? I received 2 settlement checks the same day one from Kashmiri v. Regents of the University of Ca and one from JokeMobi. I am a little leary to deposit as they are both drawn on the same bank and have the same signature as settlement administrator.

  6. Adam

    Got the check, deposited no problem. Unfortunately, partly in order to pay off their settlement the UC Regents are increasing fees, so we’re paying ourselves in fees. Moe Kashmiri is a pretty cool guy, though and I’m glad he was responsible for the first successful litigation of the Regents. Get out there & Raise some hell, as he says.

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