What I Learned At Work Today

I’m guessing a lot of people figured this out long ago, but I’m going to call it out just in case you never realized.

It’s really annoying when the paper toilet seat cover falls into the toilet before you have a chance to turn around and sit on it. I figured out today that you can minimize the chance that the cover will fall in by placing it such that the crease from the fold points up instead of down:

The reason the cover falls in is because the water seeps into the center flap, pulling it downward. Pointing the fold crease up causes more resistance against that downward pull. Win!

2 thoughts on “What I Learned At Work Today

  1. Anonymous

    My strategy is different. When I unstick the middle flap I usually lay it down onto the seat in a fashion where the tip of the flap touches the water first and then i slide it towards me onto the seat. This grabs a thin layer of water on the flap which then gets dragged onto the non-watery parts or the side of the toilet bowl creating a “paper machete?” type stickiness.

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