The Fruit of Immaturity

Here’s a great article on indecisiveness and inconsistency–what this writer believes are the hallmarks of immaturity. Several quotes:

Regardless of the context, to make a decision is to intentionally limit oneself from other, potentially good options. As a single guy, it was a challenge to think of marrying the woman God had clearly given me, since I would no longer have the option to pursue the women I might meet someday. An indecisive man is recognizable by a perpetual inability to make and keep commitments — a failure to “swear to his own hurt and not change” (Ps. 15:4). A decisive person, by contrast, can choose what he loves, and later (when the going gets tough) nurture the love he previously chose.

Assuming responsibility means embracing risk. Though we can distinguish between “good”, “better” and “best,” there is no perfect job. Or perfect church. Or perfect marriage. Each will require us to roll up our sleeves and give of our time and energy to make it better.

I think there’s a lot more that can be said about maturity versus immaturity, but I like the author’s thoughts.

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