Monthly Archives: September 2007

Missing Berkeley

Since I couldn’t sleep, I started looking through old pictures on compy. I reminisced about the good old days; I wondered what so-and-so was doing now; I saw friends as they were years ago; I missed Berkeley.

I also found this old post from my previous blog of 100 random memories that I had the foresight to catalogue. What a throwback.

1. going to foothill to eat dc
2. late niet jack runs
3. sc and war3
4. fellowship hopping
5. ee40
6. cleaning henru and jon’s apt on channing
7. 2002 summer interns
8. moving into royston
9. soda
10. living at ken’s before i moved to berkeley
11. visiting sobay my first year summer; denny’s and cars with dave h.
12. carrying a 3-seater hardwood couch with dave h. from royston to past GPB at 11pm (0.84 miles if you go thru campus if you were wondering)
13. visitors from upenn
14. shk, ben and jerry’s, mcdonalds, the opening of tako, pyramid, cheeseboard, ibhoagies, shogun, sushi house
15. driving up the mountain (kamu, dave h.)
16. sleeping at 7am, waking at 5pm
17. pulling all nieters to correct my sleeping schedule
18. using various cards to break into apts for people who locked themselves out
19. sae vs. axio
20. pizza at westminster as a frosh
21. singing on sproul, in dwinelle, vlsb, around campus
22. ms. jackson-benedict
23. 102, 108, 110, 203, 210, 303, 304, 306, 308, 310, 401, 402
24. bb gun wars
25. batting of a roll of paper towels in the garage
26. singing in the stairwells, garage, and laundry room
27. laundry room floodings
28. 20th, 21st bdays
29. underhill before it grew a dc on one end
30. old couples
31. visiting stanford with therapists
32. spring break 2003
33. joe’s summer in 203
34. the faces of people i saw around campus that i’ll probably never talk to again
35. friends i’ll always remember
36. pool in foothill
37. meeting special incoming frosh each year
38. extension
39. telegraph commons
40. first pres FIVE 45
41. going to unit 2 dc for brunch and the unit 3 dc after church
42. turkey and mashed potato niets
43. passing by the triad restaurant in oakland chinatown with therapists
44. going to chinatown with my parents on a saturday afternoon
45. cheesecake on too many occasions to list
46. shopping
47. pinole and all its goodness
48. emery bay
49. ikea when it first opened
50. replacing my recliner with a couch
51. dual monitors
52. oldddd friends from saratoga
53. rsf (225 baby)
54. running at the clark kerr track
55. the mountain
56. finding goats one time on the mountain
57. finding out they are placed there to eat the grass to prevent wildfires
58. winter retreats
59. worship
60. small groups
61. buying that light from ikea that makes my eyes hurt
62. sleeping on my couch on hot summer niets
63. settlers
64. going to jack in my bathrobe
65. holdem
66. being caught for supposedly cheating
67. friends and scrubs at derek’s
68. bbqs at will’s, kevin’s
69. buying 48 cans of soda at a time cuz they’re on sale at safeway
70. visitors from other ucs
71. weekends away
72. crazy friends’ ex-gfs
73. late-niet ludeness
74. equinox
75. clubbing (that one time i went)
76. never having gone up the campanile or the big c (yet) [STILL!]
77. driving down to la/sd
78. testimony
79. kelly getting beaten by a girl
80. plotting to take several cs61a midterms after having taken the class, standing up after 10 minutes and saying “wait, was that it?”
81. starting this xanga
82. walking home one niet with grr from an aacf thing up channing
83. visiting 6a40
84. watching endless streams of generations populate royston
85. hooking dan up with the waitress at tanaka
86. singing at clc
87. visiting ebac
88. watching matrix 14 times at my apt with so many different groups of people
89. watching lotr fotr at emery bay
90. driving to get food from the tacobell/kfc on telegraph
91. seeing friends randomly on campus every time i went
92. doe library at niet
93. turning in homework at 3am at soda
94. running around the block at 2am one time cuz i was bored
95. taking history of Christian thot zzzzz
96. helping ta move from unit 1 to royston in the rain
97. coming up with the nickname tenis
98. accountability, discipleship, and chess
99. mooey coming as a frosh
100. missing berkeley everytime i was away