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Microsoft Works Possibly Becoming Free and Ad-Funded

Ooo this is a great idea. Give Works away for free and possibly make MORE money from it through advertising! Wonder what took so long. . . Come to think of it, it probably won’t happen for a while still =p

Microsoft Works 9.0 — which will be the new product’s name, if Microsoft opts to stick with its current nomenclature — might also debut at some point as Microsoft-hosted low-end productivity service, as many have been speculating. A hosted version of Works would give Microsoft a head-to-head competitor with Google Docs & Spreadsheets and other consumer- and small-business focused services, analysts have said.

For the time being, however, the new version of Works will be ad-funded, according to Satya Nadella, the newly minted Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Search & Advertising Platform Group. Nadella told me during an interview on July 27 that Microsoft recently released the new ad-funded version of Microsoft Works.

Share Your Personality Quirks And Little Ocds

I think that everyone else is much weirder than they allow themselves to come off. That means that no one’s really that much weirder than anyone else, which means we’re all . . . normal. Yet very weird. This site celebrates our collective normality.

I’m just beginning to put together, but please have a look and leave some ideas, suggestions, or bugs!

In-N-Out Napkins

Does anyone else dislike how they wrap a napkin around your burger? I find that I lose a good amount of grilled onions and cheese to that napkin, let alone the fact that the napkin is rendered totally useless because of all the oil and cheese stuck to it. It might keep the burger warm for a little, but the cost is too great. Free my 2×2!

“And no burger hits the grill until you ask for it. Then we cover your burger in a napkin that sticks to all the cheese you paid for, sometimes leaving little bits of napkin on your burger. Since 1989.”